Hello Friends,

I have a saying I love to repeat thanks in part to one of my mentors and great Football coaching legends - Ed Stevens.  To reiterate the importance of being a team on and off the field, he would often say to all of his players past and present, "Once a Farmer, Always a Farmer!"  As a former Wheat Ridge Farmer from 1991-1994, Coach Stevens was amazing at building team pride and commitment to excellence in his young athletes!  To this day my favorite color combinations are Blue and Gold, that of my Alma mater - The Wheat Ridge Farmers!  No matter where you went to or are going to school, taking pride in that establishment and committing to doing your best should always be important.  Which leads me to today's blog about Farmers Markets.  These little gatherings are a prime example of hard working men and women committed to doing their best to make a living to give consumers the highest level of fresh and nutritious foods.  So then next time you see a Farmers Market stand donate 5 minutes of your time, you might walk away some fresh food and a new loyalty to supporting your local farmers! :)