Recently, I had the pleasure of visiting with the Castle Pines City manager in regard to pursuing support by the government officials to improve the Douglas County Light codes to comply with Dark Sky standards.  Meaning in short, with all the massive development (approximately 4,000 homes in the next 5 years) in Castle Pines alone, we as a community need to be pro-active in protecting that last remaining spaces free of light trespass and light pollution.  As our small town embarks upon "Home Rule" we will soon create our own destiny in how we govern ourselves which is a good thing.  That is why now, more than ever we need to establish the best practices for sustainable land development that balances the beauty of nature with the need for homes.  If we don't protect our night skies from senseless light pollution by properly shielding our residential exterior lighting, observing the star and planets will be a thing of the past and that's not good for anyone.